Healthy Eating On the Go

Healthy Eating On the Go

Eating healthy is hard. When you’re already juggling a career (or two), relationship, family, or frequent travel, it can seem like an impossible task. We know how hard it can be to stick with your food goals while you’re under stress. However, with a little planning and including these tricks into your busiest days, you’ll find eating healthy to be easier than ever.

 Always Plan Ahead

If you know you’re going to be short on time on any given week, find a moment to sit down and think about what your schedule holds. Taking a little time out of the beginning of your week can save you time, money, and later regret when it comes to your meals.

 We cannot stress the importance of meal prep when it comes to keeping your sanity on a busy week. Making larger batch meals at the beginning of the week that you separate into daily portions can keep you sane during a hectic week. Your freezer is definitely your friend in this case! Purchase a few reusable plastic containers and you’ll never be scrambling for something to eat at the end of a long day. Even if you choose small, packaged meals, these can make the difference between sticking to your long-term goals.

Drink More Water

This might sound simple but it’s a little thing you can do that makes a huge difference. Drinking water is well proven to help you lose weight and maintain that loss. As well as helping to reduce your appetite, staying hydrated helps to keeps you maintain focus longer and work more efficiently. Bringing a reusable water container to work can help curb that soda craving in the afternoons.

Will This Decision Make Me Happy?

Before you reach for take-out (again) or give into that late-night craving, ask yourself how you’re going to feel about that choice in the long-term. Many times, we make impulsive decisions based on exhaustion or a passing urge that makes us feeling worst afterwards. Focus on making the choices that will make you happier even after you’ve finished your meal.

Invest in Healthy Snacks 

Candy, cookies, and chips are cheap, easy snacks. They are also just as easy to over-eat. Make the choice in advance to purchase healthier options to keep on hand when you need something on-the-go. Fresh fruit, vegetables, or Greek yogurt are all great and satisfying for a late night treat. Sometimes, prepackaged snacks – like mixed nuts or kale chips – are the best option for your busy days. You can keep them in your desk or fridge if you work in an office. Or in your bag, car or locker if you’re pressed for space. 

No matter what you choose, remember that moderation is key.

Stay Consistent With Meals

We’ve all had the kind of day that ends with skipping breakfast and ends near midnight when you realize you haven’t eaten anything. Now starving, it’s incredibly easy to binge eat without realizing it. You can unknowingly sabotage your efforts. It’s easy to say ‘Don’t Skip Breakfast’ but there are days when that’s just unavoidable. Be aware when it does happen; if it does, make sure your lunch or dinner isn’t an overindulgence that may lead to later regret. 

Keep it Simple!

There’s nothing wrong with simple meals and many times, they are just as tasty as fancier fare. If you do weekly meal prep, you might try for a little variety but still manage simple, delicious meals in manageable portions. You can find a lot of great recipes for healthy one pan meals. These are perfect for quick, hot meals that won’t leave you exhausted before you’ve had a chance to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you have a crock-pot or an insta-pot, you can start cooking at the start of your day and have a great meal ready when you’re hungry for dinner. 

Remember – it doesn’t have to be fancy to be healthy.

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