Getting Your Beach Body Ready for the summer and keeping it through the winter

Be Beach Body Ready all Year Round

Beach Body Ready

There are tons of fitness plans out there specially developed for developing the perfect beach body. Most of them rely heavily on the kind of work-out and the intensity of them. However, that’s not all it takes to have a beach body. Being fit doesn’t happen overnight and unless you’ve got a few weeks to spare, you might not have the time to sweat your way into a beach body.
So beyond the focus on exercise, there are lots of other things that will help you meet your goals and feel ready to hit the beach.

1. Get Plenty of Sleep.
You aren’t going to make any progress without the energy to do it. Getting enough sleep (somewhere between 7-8 hours every night) is crucial to building a healthy lifestyle. Also, countless studies have shown that sleep boosts your metabolism, decreases appetite, and is a serious factor in decision-making throughout your day.

2. Abs Are Made in the Kitchen.
While the statement sounds cliché, it’s also the truth. You can never out-exercise a bad diet. While sticking to a fitness plan will absolutely make you stronger and healthier, you may not see the extent of your physical changes if you don’t make a change in your eating habits too. You don’t have to try a crazy fade or a weird juice cleanse to jumpstart your journey to summer fun. But you should cut the carbs and focus on foods rich in protein.

If you’re feeling self-conscious about getting into that bathing suit, you may also want to cut back on foods that can cause bloat – too much sodium, broccoli, kale, and some other snacks can make a short term difference.

3. Cut the Booze.
Alcohol can be a huge factor in your physical appearance. Apart from the excess calories that alcohol offers, there are a lot of other ways drinking can affect your physique. Drinking excessively can make you look puffy or bloated, making it harder to see muscle definition. If you know you have a trip coming up and want to look your best, cut out the alcohol for a few weeks before hand and just look at the difference!

4. Good Posture.
Sometimes, perception is everything. Posture is something that often gets overlooked in the discussion of fitness and health. However, it is just as important to consider when you’re thinking about how to present your best self to the world. Good posture can also make you appear fitter; you really can look 510 pounds lighter by standing up straight, not to mention it engages your core so you’ll be focusing on those abs as well.
It can also subconsciously affect your self-esteem in a positive way. Check out these tips for maintaining good posture throughout your day!

5. Include Strength Training.
It’s easy to think that cardio is going to solve all your problems and give you the svelte body you want. That’s not always the case. You’re going to have better results over time if you include strength training in your routine. Try a full-body strength training routine at least three times a week to see consistent results. That does mean it’s going to take time and commitment but, after all, you are in this for the long-haul.

6. Love Your Body
At the end of the day, every body is a beach body. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, your body is absolutely beach ready. Don’t put off that trip to the beach or the pool until tomorrow or next week. Do it now! Put on your swimsuit, step outside, and enjoy yourself. You won’t regret it.

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