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We are ultimately committed in helping you achieve your fitness goals and needs. We help promote and acknowledge life fitness & wellness nationwide.

HIIT Box began as a group subscription box lovers consisting of mothers, daughters, fathers, and sons that shared the same common frustrations with most fitness subscription services. ‘Why can’t they give me something useful?’ ‘Why don’t the items ever fit my build/frame?’ ‘How is this supposed to help me try any harder?’


We came together to see if we could do better, and build a subscription fitness service that was both personalized and valuable. Today, HIIT Box is the first truly personalized fitness subscription box on the market.


We take pride in the fact that our subscription can be customized for nearly any level and lifestyle, allowing you to try products out before you buy and providing you with a workout experience that fits YOUR life.


Trying can be tough, especially every day, which is why we send a little motivation your way each month to help keep you moving.


No matter how tough things can be, or how hard life hits, take it like the champ you are and hit back with HIIT Box.


[Products customized to meet your fitness goals: athletic wear, supplements, accessories. Access to trainers, recipes, regimens, etc. to keep people on track with their fitness journey.]

Our Goals

Living life to the fullest always starts the same way – By trying.


Trying your hardest, trying new things, and trying to improve things that you want to see change. Whatever your long or short term goals are, getting out there is trying is the only surefire way to achieve them.


But trying every day can be… hard. Especially when it comes to physical health practices. Who wants to worry about keeping to a rigorous routine when the stress of everyday life is already so overwhelming?


Well, we may not be able to stop all stress, but we can certainly take the stress out of trying to be healthy.


That’s why we’re here, and what we want to bring to your life. We deliver the workout and challenge to your door, so that you can try your hardest, on your own time, without having to stress about it.


Introducing your personalized, workout delivery service.


Welcome to HIIT Box.